Journaling Tips

10 Tips to Get Started Journaling

  1. journal and tableChoose a journal that feels right for you (like a Sheic journal).
  2. Use a pen or other writing instrument that flows well on the page. Pens that leak or markers are sometimes more difficult to write with.
  3. Find a quiet place to start your writing. Turn off the TV, your cell phone and your computer. Keep distractions at a minimum.
  4. Quiet your mind and heart before you begin writing.
  5. Date your entry.
  6. Write for five minutes without stopping.
  7. Do not censor your writing. This is not a school writing assignment … it is a conversation between you and God only.
  8. When you’re finished writing, re-read what you’ve written.
  9. Finish your writing time with some self-feedback. Answer this question: When I read my entry it makes me think….
  10. Find a safe, private place to keep your journal. Your journal is for your eyes only.