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Thank you for requesting the interview with Kathy Butryn. We had such a great conversation. On the call I asked Kathy what she would share with someone who doesn’t currently journal to encourage them to give journaling a try. Below are 10 things she shared of course this is just a cliff notes version as she goes in to more depth during the call.

1. Journaling helps you to slow down.
2. It provides you with clarity in a situation.
3. It is a measuring stick when you review your journal.
4. Journaling is as if you were speaking to someone but you are 100% heard and not interrupted.
5. Helps you remember memories.
6. You leave a legacy with your journaling.
7. It’s a place to be authentic and real.
8. Safe place to reveal hurts & disappointments.
9. Creates good discipline.
10. Doesn’t have to be complicated.

Another take away I got from Kathy is if you are having a hard time starting to journal because you are a perfectionist and afraid of messing up your journal, skip the first page of your journal and start writing on the second page.

We also talked about paper journaling versus electronic journaling.

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It was a great call. Enjoy!